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Steff Nevers moves Mataró to Nashville

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Friday November 9, 2013 will be a date to remember in the history of country music in Catalonia. Steff Nevers (Web - Facebook) staged a hell of a concert in the Renegade Music & Dance (Mataró), inaugurating a mini-tour that the next day led him to the Legends Dance Hall in Terrassa.

Not only Country Music Catalunya (Facebook), Renegade Music&Dance and Legends Dance Hall organized this tour that has taken one of the best country music artists of Europe to Catalonia. Also all the people who filled both honkytonks on Friday and Saturday. As far as we know, at least in the case of Renegade, this show broke the attendance record for a country music concert in the history of the place. An example that if all the pieces of the gear succeeds the result is superb.

The concert began at half past eleven. A while earlier, “ Country people” had a dance exhibition with "Overbooking", danced with a song from the first Nevers’ CD.

Neus Pino also teached the dance "Zurracapote", that Anna Balaguer created long ago with another Nevers song. Anna, as Steff himself said during the show, has been a key player to bring Nevers to Catalonia.

He started strong with a couple of songs in a row, "300 horses" and "Bayou Girl" from his latest CD entitled "Is not it bad life". Songs were falling, and a great majority of them from his two released albums: One beer a day, Alphabet song (all 2 written by the master Billy Yates and Bart Butler), "Keep it up", "Fightin' The Fool"... But of course there was room for songs by other singers as well. In particular, the duet with Alex T. "Mercury Blues", that even a small problem with a microphone, was the delight of the audience.

Another special moment was when he dedicated the beautiful song "If Tomorrow Never comma" to Imma. Nevers alone with guitar, made everyone put goosebumps.

The Norwegian singer did not act alone. He was damn well accompanied... by two hell of a musicians! Please stand up: Danko Compta and Jordi Tobal (Jim countrymusic)! Nevers is, without any doubt, a guitar virtuoso, but without this other cracks the concert would not have been the same! Hey everyone from your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone: give’em a calid applause!! :-)

The audience enjoyed throughout the concert. Nevers on guitar solos, his good connection with people, his references to Catalonia political process towards independence,... he gained our hearts.

During the concert there was place for dàncing as well! Nevers himself encouraged the audience to dance "Overbooking", or again "Zurracapote". And not only that! At least one of the songs made Renegade became the epicenter of the Two-Step in Catalonia! A circle of couples went round and round and curious and photographers were trapped inside ... :-)

The concert ended with a spectacular version of the song "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers. Astonishing closing of the evening!

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